понеделник, 25 февруари 2013 г.

Contemporary Garden

This project is a little town garden at the back of an historic house that has been transformed through the addition of a livings space with large windows.

The idea was to create a kind of planted carpet using all manner of recycled materials – shale, large stones, bricks…

The pieces of shale are set on their sides and the bricks are split, with sharp edges. Between the stones, we have added a micro-planting of perennials and mosses to create a living carpet.

Each morning, the site is fogged, and because of this, there is always a humid atmosphere, so the mosses thrive. Maples provide vertical accents. On the one hand there is a terrace and a path of blue stone around this carpet. On the other hand we have planted along the walls a green border with climbing plants and box. What is intriguing about this garden is that, because of the proliferation of the mosses and the humid atmosphere, there is a strong interaction with the purified architecture of the building.


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