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The designs radiate luxury

Sober, earthy colours promote calmness and natural rhythm, and the designs radiate luxury and symmetry.

Our total concepts offer the Wolterinck effect in its purest form, although it is also possible to add touches of the unique Wolterinck experience to your existing surroundings. Come along to the Wolterinck Store in Laren and feed your imagination by browsing the extensive range of products in our collection. The designers in the Wolterinck Projects team will amaze you with creative designs and unique solutions in the fields of architecture, interior design and landscape gardening, and they compose their concepts in complete accordance with your personal wishes and requirements. Finally, the Wolterinck Product Design team works together with renowned manufacturers of products such as indoor furniture, window treatments and lighting. 

Wolterinck's World is a unique total concept for at home or in the office, and for excitement or relaxation. In short, we offer you a perpetually perfect setting wherever you are.

We design surroundings in which lifestyle and design go hand in hand. We design total concepts within which all elements are in harmony with each other, even down to the finest of details. The purity of our materials is what sets us apart from the rest.

Wolterinck creates unique total concepts for living, working and relaxing. In short: luxury at home, at work and at your holiday home. Projects are realised by our exterior, interior and garden project teams. The design activities of projects are usually conducted in two different phases. In the initial phase, the concept is developed in accordance with your specific situation and preferences. Subsequently, Wolterinck can also conduct and supervise the realisation of this concept.


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